Earn bitcoin

from your phone

get satoshi per each claim without timer!


Current rate 2123*

satoshi per xrb

Complete captcha
and earn bitcoin!

How it works ?

Watch video!

1. Bitcoin address should be related with https://faucethub.io account, please register and bind faucethub account with bitcoin address

If you don't have own BTC wallet you can create it on web services such as cryptonator

2. Open app and setting, put your Bitcoin wallet address

3. Open Raiblock mining page

4. Copy address *

5. Open this link : https://faucet.raiblockscommunity.net/

6. Put recieved address to XRB account input

7. Start claiming captchas **

* Address would be related with your BTC address untill you pause more than 10 minutes, after that it would be require to refresh mining page for recieveing address again (address could be changed !!!)

** Claims would be counted after 1-2 minutes and rewarded satoshi amount (according current rate on claim moment) would be added to your balance